Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rush Hour since 6:30am 翻翻孩子的午餐袋

Sleep for 7 hours a day has been listed as my top new year resolution each and every year.
Which means, while, it stays as new year resolution.

But I do enjoy the most my morning routine while counting the pain: breakfast for kids, lunch for kids, drop to school bus, breakfast for adults, check all reports, accounts and emails. AND finally, I wake up, while all gone for the day, enjoy my second or third round of coffee. And sometimes, a bit Facebook.

The most recent compliment I love is from one of my kids: mom, you know, you are kinda famous for your "hack of a lunch" within my friends.


This is a petit sandwich, just honey ham and grilled chicken. So I play with no crust. My normal size is that huge my kids think a little embarrassing to show. Ha.
最幸福的事, 除了一起变老,还有把你喂饱 :)

Roll is fun. And always quick. 我不太切小卷卷了:漂亮但容易给小男孩弄乱乱的

I like the guessing and Ohhh...Ahhs when they have the first bite ---- can you tell what's in   >_<

Fresh baked Fish Steak. Night before set the timer for oven or rice cooker could make life much easier, on top of the coffee maker.

Macaroni Cheese with Corn and Chicken.

Pot Sticker. My boys most fav, all the time. And their friends never stop asking to trade whatever they wish for by just one piece. I seriously think all mom needs to do this once in a while.
这仍然是他们敲锣打鼓最喜爱的。他们最佳的夸赞就是宣称着:这家日本餐的锅贴,好吃的快象妈妈做的了 ^_^

When I really get not much thing to make, I do sushi. Even with just cucumber and crab meat, you can make healthy and tasty lunch box. Sprinkle some seaweed mix to fancy the taste a bit.

Steamed bun with Chinese sausage. They call them Chinese tacos.

Corn Dog with Corn.
黄色就是喜悦,积极, 和睡醒拉....

Sautéed Short Ribs, potato and rice bowl.

Mmm...after so many of hurry-ups, we are lates, forget somethings. I deserve a treat.
The bright colors bring me back instantly to Venice and great taste of cappuccinos everywhere you go in that great country we call Italy.