Saturday, September 26, 2015

Care of Head 2015

I am not a picky eater, as so far you may know of.

But I am kind of picky on "stuff" touches me, not only skin care, make ups and perfumes, but also like personal grooming products, laundry and soap things, linens, towels (and silverware and cups. ^_^).

Per many many times been asked recently, here is my current list for this year to share.
I need to let you know that, even I do lots of homework and trying on all items, I am also a very minimum-request consumer: they never done any "Magic" result on me, they just not make things getting worse, or help to getting worse a bit slower. No change is super: aging in a grace way.

My top three always-goes-to brand on shampoo and conditioner. I don't mix-and-match when do hair. Except the Cholesterol treatment. I put hair mask whenever soak in hot tub. Works just wonderful.

Jojoba is truly a great thing. I drop a bit into hair, or anywhere feel dry (or sun burn). Not pictured is Coconut oil. We all know it works alike our Tiger Balm back in Asia: anywhere for whatever.

Dang! Dang! Dang! My must-have-for-hair secret. If you notice whatever hair product mentions they intensive or deep repair, most of time they have rosemary, either essence oil or fragrant. I tried so many of different methods, boiling fresh herb spray water, making herb powder from scratch... and finally find out this is the most sufficient and simple way to keep using it. Just drop some into damp hair. I promise you won't smell like a roasted chick, the aroma is wonderful, and your hair will strong and healthy to make you proud.

This, is my third bottle. I don't think it provides me any truly "protect", but it comforts my heart: a 400F is a 400F, heat and metal curling is beautiful but damaging. Don't bother for whatever they say ceramic or space tech on irons, it's just getting smoother for us to handle. I try not to curl close to hair end, and spray some to persuade myself, OK, it's not that hurt...

Set for this summer. I like the watery feeling. It's getting impossible to deal with hot and humid alike the city I live in, especially I need to drive around the town and walk out door everyday. At least, they are very light, won't give me trouble on pores.

For a whole winter, one jar is more than enough. It lasts forever, and I cannot complain any on it's moist result. Just don't buy the big good-deal jar, or will end up using it as body cream before you get tired of it.

I like these things, easy to put on and absolve. A classic pick and some vitamin never hurt.

I love to laugh, I do have fine lines (or medium lines?) around eyes. These three won't make them gone, but truly, at least make lines disappear for some hours, maybe, two or three hours? And that's so real and I already feel the blessing.

When I stay indoor for long day in winter, or travel, I love the water spray. Evian has no perfumes so I prefer better, but the behind do lock in moist a bit longer.

I love mask. Mostly because I just never have time to go facial in beauty salon. I do whenever I have time at night (like now typing, or go-to-meeting, or say goodnight to kiddos - so they have been trained not afraid to white faced ghost). Day facial is a new thing I tried this year, kind of fun and it works fine when I go to bed too late (many many times...)

Last but not the least, sunscreen. I hate sunscreen. For the feeling on face, for the smell, for not helping my makeup to stay. Urggg. But I need it. So all I ask is something not greasy, not shinning, not stinky. I found these two not bad. One more I just done but did not pictured here is from Dior. Good enough to give it a try. Chanel is on my next year list.