Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Shoes 2015

It's always easy to shop, takes forever to remember taking pictures and blog :)
In this hot weather, I like a bit colorful, light color, and, high heels, as usual.

So comfy. I have to take them travel with me.

 I like patent leather shoes for summer thunder day: never feel guilty to walk through wet.

Nude has been over emphasized. How about some patterns? Soft and comfy.


I loooove the cut on front. Finding blazers while catching these pair in their shop. So chic and classic. A pair of black pumps never go wrong.

Is it my thing or in common? I find it's hard to find a good pair of white always. Either too sharp or too pale. Like these. A little laced feeling.

I feel in love with Italian local leather maker while travel there. They take more time and skill on traditional shoe making, while the designs are usually not common as in big shopping malls.

So popular and minimum design. Go well with most summer dress.
我也喜欢这简洁的式样:特别是绘了很得意的脚指头后 ;)

Another Italian pair. This kind of design is kind of tricky. Looking so different (I mean, good) when putting on.

Some bling-bling for party times. One reason to pick them: comfy even after four hours event.