Monday, May 30, 2016

A Much In-Needed Relaxing Long Weekend 很多烤肉的长周末

Our tradition is always play hard on Labor Day. But for Memorial Day, we relax, slow down, of course BBQ, of course shopping and go concert. We find out black and white pictures of family members who once were in wars and fight for own nation, and dust the unforgettable stories they once shared with us to the next generation.   

My best record this year is ----  three BBQ three days in a row. Oh the smell of smokes and meats and a hot summer just begins. 


Day 1, Hamburger. It's National Hamburger Day! (ever heard of?!) I love mine medium rare in lettuce wrap, with melted swiss cheese, and loads of avocado. Kids and hubby sure enjoy their double patties with extra cheddar and minimum green, bums grilled with butter ---- mouth big open!

Day 2, eat out @local BBQ. I normally order a kid's menu and trade w/son at this location, but today I've been shopping so seriously I decide to take two meat. Kids are getting worried: much did you spend today?!....
Oh the marble brisk is so good!

Day 3, BBQ again at home. I love my lamb, specially with extra cumin and pepper. 

No BBQ is complete without steak. 

Corn is right in season. I am more than ready to work on corn milk again soon! 

These are the best covered best taste. When BBQ sweet potato, wrapping w/foil does make a big difference on moist and sweetness, so sweet I call them dessert rather than starch. 

No, I did not eat that much steak, but I like the plate look full when taking picture...

I dreamed to eat crabs in the middle of the night. So, wish granted. Steamed Gulf blue crab with vinegar sauce w/ginger & herbs (from my backyard). 

Dessert: When was my last time spoon half a watermelon? So much fun memories when I was very very little: there was no fridge, so we chill watermelon with cold water, need to eat all once cut.  We sliced them, spoon them, for not sweet edge we top w/sugar. 
小时候抱了瓜怎么也吃不完的回忆,多少年不曾试过。如今我的孩子们倒觉得这样新奇得很: so cool!

When Lychee comes out to the market, hot summer days sure arrive. The fragrance and sweetness brings back hometown memories as well. 

For my boys, a slice of cheesecake (original mom, no whip nor fancy thinging please) is more their definition of dessert. 

With so much fun and eats, remember we all need to give some, for some may give all.