Friday, January 6, 2017

Boots For a Cold Day

I almost assumed we're in spring, before winter finally comes.
And it will stay for a three days this time?
There, when finally occasionally a day under 40F is on the way, how can you wait to pull out a lot of once or twice a year thing like coats, fur, hats, gloves, and boots. 

Boots are my smallest collection, next to flats. I need to grab some of them from the far and high places in closet.

These go well with our 80F winter most of time *^_^*

My highest heels boots. Fun to put on, fun to watch others catch them at the first sight. 

I used to have many reds. But not many with flowers...

 Love love this design. and the leather quality. 

Nude is a good choice for warm weather as well. 

More low boots ~~~

These are so comfortable and pop with my mostly dark and solid outfit in winter. 

 Compare to sandals and pumps, I do have some more comfy walking boots, to prepare for the cold and wet weather.

They feel absolutely good & warm on feet, but not much charming on looking, to me...

When it comes to snow or raining, utility pairs are a must. But when was last time I actually put them on?!

These are truly long long time best friends. I love them and aged them so well. Besties!

For over the knees, they are warm and comfy. Slim & enlong legs in no time. 

Accompanied me through grand canyon and many hiking adventures last year. Take not much space when packing in luggage. Beautiful pick. 

My most favorite over-the-knee. I simply love leather, and heels.