Friday, June 3, 2016

Not Only Kid's Graduation 厨房也有毕业庆祝吧

On August 2013, I put $150 into my elder son's lunch account. As of 5/31/2016, the balance is $134.85. He ate twice school lunch in past three years: first day school, and once because the locker was not functional so could not get lunch box out on time.
When he is proud of all those titles and certificates and honors, allow me to pat on my own shoulder and review all these early mornings I rushed and rushed for their breakfast and lunch, send to bus station (sometimes drive to school directly) then back to rush rush breakfast for seniors and ourselves. Yes I got sick and took business travels, but by planed and prepared ahead so we never have to deal with those "tasteless meal in school", and "unbearable long line to waste my life".
Now, I will have another two years before send the little one to high school and crossing the fingers they can meet a great chef there.
I feel so rewarding we have all these great memories on food and time spending together to begin a whole new day everyday, and kids thinking about mom & home in the middle of a fun or tough day when they open their lunch box.

2013 到2016,咱家的大公子一共在他的三年初中吃了两次食堂,共计花费$15.15:开学第一餐, 和locker打不开拿不到午餐盒被迫买了一餐。寒来暑往,整做了三年早餐+午餐耶!耶!耶!如果我出差或生病,就提前备好材料或做好便当,真是一餐不曾拉下啊。孩子长高了,长壮壮了,长帅了,长聪明了 ---- 那都是我的功劳,哈哈哈


The very classic BF. After trying multiple times, he finally agrees he still need more tech support from me before done it perfect. 

We both loooove buttery croissant and Alaska smoked salmon. Blue berry is not his thing, but mine. 

When lunch is simple (like a sandwich?), I can spend more time and effort on fresh made waffles. Mix and fridge night before, cut fruit ahead, one big pan for all rest grilled stuff. They look a lot but the time is not bad. 

I like eggs for BF protein. A lot and very melted cheese goes with it very well. 

In a cold day, begin a morning with hot wonton soup with chicken broth and mushrooms. 

 Noodle bowl of course.

Taco is good. Two in these size is too much. But mom always put too much anyway.... 

When I do complicated lunch, BF will be easy and quick. Like steamed bums and boiled egg. They love sesame bum and juicy pork bum. 

Nothing simpler than a toast. But we don't eat them much often. Elder likes w/peanut butter, young one likes it w/Nutella. Mom's version by the last of this post. No matter what version, I like as much as fruit as possible. Don't you agree to begin a day with many colors is very joyful & delightful. 

The sweet roll, with sweet cream butter in center and on top, is a all time fav as well. They first ate one, then two rolls, now big bro needs three every time :) 

Kids do milk in am just like mom does coffee. But if I lucky to get too fast on both BF & lunch, and it is in season, I will juice our own oranges from backyard, sure will cheer them up.

Lunch! Definitely their all time fav. Their best compliments are like: mom! Dad brought us to a Japanese restaurant (mostly mom is traveling out of town), their dumplings are so good they taste almost like yours!

Hard to say which is the top top for him, stir-fry rice. Of course mom add a lot of green, sometimes is cabbage, sometimes lettuce, and with eggs (he like soy sauce version), any meat works: pork, turkey, beef, chicken, even Spam if time is limited. I bet my kitchen is the one of very few stir fry in early morning.

Again, he cannot tell the top three in which order. But sushi with big piece of baked eel, crab, pork sung, sure can make him very very happy. For the young bro, it's always California or Philadelphia roll though. 

Actually any kind of sushi they all like, these are in sweet fried tofu pockets. Clean, and super easy for me to handle. 

Mac & Cheese. With ham. In a cold day this simple thing can make their friends jelly jelly. 

When I really short of time, I set clock on rice cooker the night before and make a pot of rice with varies sausages and pork and top with sweet soy sauce. Just need slice and stir. Yum yum and quick. 

Traditional lunch box need a bit extra time. Stir fried rice, grilled short ribs, steamed veg. But meat part can use last night left over or prepared one night ahead sometimes. 

Pork steak with potato and corn. All their fav things. 

Meat balls. 

Chicken and egg on top of rice with seaweed flavor. 

As fast as sandwich but at least change the presentation a bit. 

Sandwich is the all time most of time easy in and out, or last minute deal, or must have. We always keep handy but mostly put whatever fresh available: grilled chicken, turkey, pork steak, sliced steak... it can be much different in the center, but full flavor all the time. 

My coffee in morning when prepare their meals. It is not a cup, it is a bowl right?

After they finally out to school, my favs. I love rice noodle bowl. I can eat them in any way, at any time. It is my comfort food. 

I love avocado for quite a while. And top it with some honey or nut or almond butter can make my morning very rewarding. 

After a very early wake up (a late go bed)and none stop cooking and reminding and I love you be good have a nice one. Congee with kimchi is the simplest and classic choice to just sit down, and phew, lets make my whole new day begin.